Reflecting amidst thoughts and hoping to find a consensus with everything running in my mind. Trying to make sense of it all. Weighing the could've and the should've and although I want to wish that the times had shifted in my favor, I relish how things could have been better if I only chose to … Continue reading LISTENING IS THE CURE

Black-and-white Challenge

So currently we got this trending on Instagram were women in all spheres and backgrounds are uploading pictures in the black and white filter stemming as a means of empowerment. Which is cute But I ask myself as women how do we really , truly , honestly, deeply support each other and empower each other? … Continue reading Black-and-white Challenge

Referendum and into the Future Despite John Momis strides for another term I personally think he has been a key ambassador for Bougainville over his political terms with the government and he should be engaged during consultation of the outcome of the referendum and discussions going forward. He has insight into certain things that can aid in the decision … Continue reading Referendum and into the Future